1202 Ballantrae Lane, McLean

...completion in 2013

1134 Basil Rd, McLean – 2013

...completion in 2013


1200 Ballantrae Lane, McLean

...completion in 2014

1036 Towlston Rd, McLean

...completion in 2014

New Projects conceived by Luminous Developments

Luminous Developments single-family homes are custom projects with the deepest consideration given to how the owners and their families wish to express themselves at and through their home. We are deeply sensitive to the highest principles of design, comfort of living, artistic use of space, and energy conservation.

Our new projects are tailored around these values and we take great care in locating, architecting, engineering, and building the new home around a prospective customer who also appreciates such fine thought and action.

Explore the new projects in our pipeline in McLean that range from homes under construction to an exciting new development "coming soon" in Great Falls.


Custom Services for your new project
While we are primarily focused on developing projects in advance of that special client discovering that all along we had we had that family in mind; we are also open to working with a small number of select clients who may commission us to build their dream. If you have land, or are thinking of acquiring land, to build in the Greater Washington DC area and you want a full service team to consult with and to manage the project; Luminous Developments is a peerless choice!

Luminous Developments can deliver a highly impressive team of professionals to make your dream come true. Our services can include:
   Evaluation of land
   Planning and Permitting
   Architecture and Engineering
   Construction Project Management
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