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Fairfax County Virginia is one of the wealthiest counties in the whole of the United States. Located next to Washington DC, it is the most desirable county for new residents to the Greater Washington DC area to live. Everything a family would wish for can be found in Fairfax County. Some of the nations best public and private schools are located in McLean. Healthcare is exceptional in Fairfax County; in fact residents have the longest life span of any county in the USA.

The company recognizes that even in such an ideal place, natural events, including bad weather, can still be a cause for concern. Due to the standard of construction and solar electricity, our homes performed exceptionally well through the highly unusual extreme snow of January and February 2010, and during the August 2011 magnitude 5.8 earthquake that hit Virginia.

Such an exceptional county naturally has very demanding standards that are reflected in its building codes. Luminous Star meets and exceeds all requirements. Our philosophy is that just as beauty is more than skin deep, quality too is the substance that is not visible to the naked eye.

Quality of construction begins with concrete and steel foundations. A mark of the careful planning and execution lies in the fact that the owner of the firm contracted for our foundations personally supervises pouring of concrete and himself assures the quality of the concrete and the thickness exceeds not only county requirements, but the even more exacting demands of Luminous Star engineers. Comparable homes simply use less concrete than you will find in a Luminous Star home.

The wood used in framing the house is consistently 2 inches by 6 inches thick and is the highest grade, either “select” or “premium”. Conventional framing utilizes wood that is mainly 2 inches by 4 think and since ultimately walls hide it, average grade wood is often used. The extra thickness, 50% more, not only provides much greater strength but other critical benefits.

Even the floors in our homes use exceptional plywood in that the highest grade and thickest, 1 and 1/8 inch, to assure that the sub-floors are very stable and resistant to flexing allowing the final surface tile or wooden floor to remain smooth and flat and not be prone to buckling.

A stronger frame means the frame is less inclined to twist and buckle, and bears more weight. The walls are thicker meaning that soundproofing between rooms is much better. More insulation of higher grade can be placed in the walls assuring much lower heat loss and much more energy efficacy for the building envelope. This clearly leads to lower energy bills.

The solar electric system on one Luminous Star home kept the residents with sufficient electricity to last 5 days after a power blackout at the utility during the snowstorm of 2010. Luminous Star homes suffered no damage following the 2011 earthquake.

These are just a few examples of the thoughtful approach that leads to peace of mind for owners of Luminous Star homes. For many a home is the largest and longest lived investment that will be made. You will be proud of your choice of a Luminous Star home!

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