Roy Dunbar

Roy Dunbar is Chairman of Luminous Star, including its property development subsidiary Luminous Developments; and Sustainable Star. These companies focus on lines of business in renewable energy and property development.

He served as Chairman and CEO of Network Solutions between February 2008 and October 2009. Based in Herndon, Virginia, Network Solutions was the original Domain Name registrar and today provides a suite of web services for Small and Medium enterprises. Dunbar was formerly President of Global Technology and Operations at MasterCard from 2004, also serving as a member of MasterCard's Executive Committee.

Dunbar joined MasterCard from Eli Lilly where he worked for 14 years, serving as president, Intercontinental Region, and as Chief Information Officer. As president Intercontinental Region he oversaw all operations in the world's fastest growing economies. In particular he was focused on growing Lilly's presence in Brazil, Russia, India and China. He had served as vice president and Chief Information Officer from 1999 to 2003 and is credited with having led Eli Lilly to rank as the most innovative user of technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

Born in Jamaica, Dunbar graduated from Manchester University in the United Kingdom with a pharmacy degree and a master of business administration degree from Manchester Business School in 1990. He joined Lilly as a market research analyst in Indianapolis and subsequently served in various management roles including, marketing, sales, new product development, and information technology in the UK, Venezuela, and the United States.

ALM Builders

ALM Builders is the exclusive construction partner of Luminous Star. ALM has been building homes in the Greater Washington DC area for over 20 years and has many exceptional projects in its portfolio. Mr. Reza Tafti is the founder and CEO of ALM.

Reza Tafti

Born in Yazd, Persia, Reza has the imprint of the spectacular architecture of this city that has been the center of Persian architectural innovation and excellence for 3,000 years. Marco Polo remarked with wonder on the city as he passed through it in the year 1272.

A citizen of the USA, Reza has lived in Iran and the United Kingdom. He has traveled extensively through Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Americas observing architecture and building techniques. After leading the design and engineering of his first project, a four-level apartment complex in Tehran at the age of 22, Reza has spent a career focused on design, construction, and an unique understanding of materials that make for quality construction and result in breath-taking artistry and elegance. In fact, those who have studied his work view him most simply as an artist who happens to work with building materials.

His great skill in construction is paired with an uncommon humility and a grace of character that makes it a real joy for Luminous Star prospects to tour a project and to own a home built by him. The level of service he provides before purchase is only a foretaste of a dedication to the project, its quality, and the after sales service that the client is thrilled to receive.

Contact Reza on +1 202 222 8777

Roy Dunbar

Reza Tafti

Reza Tafti +1 202 222 8777